To learn Clothes-making, talk to Clothes Master in Serene City. Materials for sewing clothes include fabrics and leathers, for coats for magic-based classed. Leathers and ingots are needed for coats for melee-based classes.

Active SkillsEdit

Sew Clothes
Required Tool: Sewing Kit
Produce(s): coats
Worksite(s): not limited to a worksite


[10][T] Clothes-making
Requirement(s): learn Clothes-making Lv. 1, 1 Common Robe(crafted from 5 Thin Leather)
Reward(s): 2000 XP, Cobalt Gown
[10] Master's Daily Gift
Requirement(s): completion of [10][T] Clothes-making
Reward(s): (daily) 10 Thin Leathers or 10 Linen Rolls, 100 XP