Events can be accessed by clicking the upper right icon attached to the minimap, then clicking on tab 2. When on tab 2 you can join any active instance event by clicking the "Attend" button.

List of Common Events

  • Scraphead's Secret
  • War of Camps
    • Survival
    • War of Camps
  • Treasure Island
  • Happy Planting
  • Hammer Mole
  • Hunt Park Rarity
  • Hunting
  • Royal Hunt Park
  • Protect the Granary
  • Rice Village
  • Brain Teasers
  • Daily Grain Robbing (open world event)
  • Ten Point Illusionist (open world event)

List of Special Events

  • Happy Holidays
  • Monster Spawn

Events are great way to get experience and items and allow you to relax from the repetitive grind encountered during the leveling process.


Event List

Treasure Island:

In this event you have to find as many treasure boxes as you can.

note this is a PvP event, all players can attack each other and fight for treasure boxes.

Grouping with friends is alowed and usualy beening done buy guild/clan members.

There are 4 kinds of boxes:

Normal box - it holds "Order Points" and fast walk rune.

the Order Points are gathered buy right clicking an order after you picked it up. every 2 minuts or so you get expiriance fro been on the island. the order points you found and use will give you more expiriance each 2 minuts you're on the island. the order points diaper when the event is over. so use them the minut you find them.

Yellow aura box - this box can give you scarlet/orange/yellow fragments and a scroll you can sell to an nps for 1 gold.

Blue aura box - this box can give you scarlet/orange/yellow fragments and a scroll you can sell to an nps for 1 gold and got better loot than yellow treasure box.

King Treasure box - after all players on the island find about 400 treasure boxes, the king treasure box apper on one of the north islands of the map, this box is usualy beening camped buy high level players that want a chance to open it. it takes 30 seconds to open the box and while you try to open it you're vulnarble to attacks.

most of the chests apper at the center of the island betwin the two mountens, the event got a world map and you're free to use it.

Hammer Mole:

Like the old "Hit the mole" game, this is a virtual copy of it.

To hit a mole you have to right click it.

There are some stones and irons scatered on the floor, if you hit them for 5 to 15 hits thay can give you silver or silver chip rewards. don't ignor them.

the winner of the minigame get a nice expiriance boost, to win you need to have a better score than the other players when the event time is off.