Life Skills are the jobs or occupations of your character. They can be broken down into two types of categories: gathering skills and production skills

  • Gathering skills require certain tools to gather and extract various primary resources from different worksites.
  • Production skills use the resources that are obtained from the gathering skills and processes them into useable goods. All production skills require specialized tools and some are done at specific production facilities.

Aside from these categories, you have the Taming skill and the Recycling skill. You may only have 2 Life Skills at a time; with Taming as a third--since it doesn't count towards your 2 Life Skills max. You may learn any Life Skill at any time. At any time, you may also choose to Forget skills. Doing so will lose all progress you've made in it; so re-learning it will start you back at level 1. You can purchase Life Skill manuals from Magic Taoist at Guild Square to learn additional Life Skills that do not count towards your Life Skills max. Each of these manuals costs 10 gold.

Gathering skills

Production skills

Misc skills