A test presented by Roger Meng.

Answers to the questions which are random. Hopefully it will save someone the time and frustration I had to endure spending well over an hour trying to complete this quiz. I have no idea why you need to know the color of the 3rd princess's clothes in this game but it asks and the answer is white. Oh yeah, I didnt complete it got too frustrated and gave up after a good while.

The good thing is there is no time limit, so you can take your time going through the list to find the correct answer.

These are not all of the answers just a good portion of them.

Best of luck to you.

Which mount can learn active skills?

Which requires an equipped Talisman?


Which mount can learn active skills?


How many people can sit on a Tusk Boar King?


How many players can enter Upper Imperial Tomb?

Where can you find catchable mounts consistently?
Hunt Park

What is the color of the Third Princess's clothes?

Which key opens the class skill interface?


Which will not increase Talisman talent points?
Silver Liquid

To enter the Warlord you must be what level?

Why are duels risky in death mode?
The loser receives 50 percent points of injury

What status will make you run around aimlessly?


Which is not a handcraft guide effect?Edit

Increase your HP

How do you fast travel between cities?

How many bosses in dragon prince instance?

To enter Gourd Mountain, you have to reach level:

Level 25

Which mount an learn active skills?


On which mount can a Stormlord use skills?


How do you restore an equipment's durability?
Talk to a Blacksmith

To enter upper imperial tomb you must be:
Over level 50

What are the heavenly tests?
Server-wide progression events.

How do you avoid injury?
Use safety charms.

Which class has rage?
Raksha Warrior

Which is the Fire Mage talisman?


Where can you receive talismans after Lv.15?

Captor Fung

Which is necessary to merge a Rank 1 talisman?
Azure Jade Charm

What monster doesn't live in Ruyi cave?

Which class uses divination tubes as talismans?
Master Summoner

What'll Scorpion King do after being defeated?

Call for help

How many players can enter Monster Cave?

A talisman's aura storage can be used to:
Level your talismans faster

Which status decreases attributes and skills?


Which status will greatly decrease your speed?


Which can you not get from chance quests?
A beauty

Which class uses banners as talismans?
Divine Enchanter

Once you enter a battle, your speed will be:

Slower than normal

How can you get dim essences?
Kill bosses in the pond city instance

Which monster can summon a Red Fox King?

Demonized Fox Cub

Which animal can become your mount?
Robust Bear King

Mt.Gourd grandpa wants you to find:
7 gourds

What's the shortcut key for Auto Follow?


How do you open the social relations interface?

When you quit your group in an instance, you will:
Be sent out of the instance.

Can you sell a talisman to other players?
No (if it has been equipped)

How do you enhance your talismans skills?
Upgrade the talisman

The talisman from the Dragon Palace Instance is:

A Rank 1 Lv. 30 Talisman

To enter Water Palace you must reach:
Level 30

How many players can enter Water Palace?

1 to 5

To enter golden coast you need:
To be above level 40

Where can you buy a monster mirror?
General Store

How do you gain the local governments favor?

Complet the Provincial Officer's quests

The talisman from the government is designed for:

Guardian, Warrior, Warden, Summoner

Talisman from Immortal Guild is designed for:
Mage, Stormlord, Enchanter, Revenant

Which class can summon divine soldiers?
Master Summoner

Which is the Divine Enchanter talisman?


How many players can enter imperial tomb?

Which class does not use MP?
Varja Guardian

Which class has Rage?

Raksha Warrior

Which class can revive players?
Dark Revenant

Which class CANNOT revive players?


To enter six-solar instance:
lv 35

What will you do if you click the sword button?
Enters force attack mode

What won't get you a conjuration charm?
Killing a rider

which class sword set as a talisman
blade warden

By passing the test of Blaze Ox, you can get

A Rank 1 Talisman

third prince butler is a

who sells captor items?
jail officer

What can an officer/Taoist over Rank 9 do?

Get money and EXP every Sunday

when cant a fire mage/stormlord use skills
carrying others.

where can you receive talismans after lvl 15
captor fung

vajra guardian talisman

Which class uses Gourds as talismans?

Fire Mage

Which class uses Steles as talismans?

Vajra Guardian

Which class uses Scrolls as talismans?

Raksha Warrior

Which class uses Divination Tubes as talismans?

Master Summoner

Which class uses Bells as talismans?

Dark Revenant

The Fire Mage and Stormlord's Basic Attack is a:

Physical Attack

grey exclamation
not qualitifed to accept the quest

available quest
yellow exclamation mark

What does a Grey Question Mark over an NPC mean?

You haven't finished the quest

3rd princess's clothes are colored

What color does the Third Prince turn into?


activate rank 1 talisman
scarlet stone

When can you accept a loop quest again?
After 15 hours

dont pass heavenly tests
cant gain more levels and exp

lvl requirement for monster cave?

Entering stiff status means?
Your vigor reached 0

cant heal you
having a rest when ur badly injured

decrease hp mp vigor

repeat quests

Who is the enemy of Ruyi Hornet Leader?
Spider Leader

Which won't happen by learning Talisman Talents?

Change your appearance

What matches are available in Warlord Arena?

How do you get a unique title in Warlord Arena?

Increase your Warlord Points

What can be used to reset a talismans talents

What happenes after duel in normal mode?
Both return to previous state

Which place has only one Difficulty Level?

Water Place

Is an exiled player still a criminal?
No, a prisoner is not a criminal

What is an indicator of a criminal?

Crime exceeds 25

What should you do when you find a criminal?

Use a Wanted Poster, then attack that criminal

create clan
lv 10 1 gold brick

To create a clan, you need to talk to the?

Revenue Secretary

How do you heal injuries?

Talk to a Mountain/Earth Immortal

How can you summon a doctor to heal you?

Go to the Pond City Prayer Altar

How do you avoid injury?

Use Safety Charms

how do u increase a talisman's talent points?
spirit crystals

which correct?
red named players cant pk with teammates

Who can you find in upper imperial tomb?
taoist shao

How do you tell a Mainline Quest from others?

Mainline Quests are tagged with [M]

How do u tell a Heavenly Test Quest from others?
Heavenly Test Quests are tagged with [HT]

What determines a quests' difficulty?

Level gap between the character and quest

Which event will bring you out of an instance?
You quit the team

A Draco talisman has
7 attributes

A Normal talisman has:

3 attributes

How do you activate the 2nd Talisman Talent row?

Accumulate 5 talisman points

What are the three ranks of talisman?

Normal, Doom, Draco

What can increase Draco talisman Talent Points?

Colorful Soul Stone

who is the gang leader of water palace?
tortoise king

The Tortoise King is a:


Where can you find the key to Water Palace?

Hermit Crab Gatekeepers corpse

Which is not a talisman attribute bonus?

Quicken spell

Who can send you into warlord arena?
bazaar warlord arena guide

If you knock down a rider in Duel mode, then the rider won't fall

What will a pet say when it is not hungry?

I'm stuffed!

How many major life skills can you learn?


The tailsman from Mulberry village is:

Designed to kill Fox Demons

How do you open the World Lore Interface?

Press Y

How do you active a talisman?

By merging

Where do you refine your talisman?

Talk to a talisman taoist

How do you activate a talisman's talent?

It will be available automatically after level 10.

What's the requirement for using talisman skills?

Skills are activated and the talisman is equipped

Who is the chef of the water palace?

Sapir Toad

The talisman from the Dragon Palace Instance is

A Rank 1: Level 30 Talisman

To enter Serene Conquest, you have to reach

level 10

In duel mode, your opponent's name will turn


How do you forget a life skill?

On life skill interface.

What'll happen if you log out in Warlord Arena?

You will lose the game

Which is not needed to be a captor?

Being a Master Summoner

Which is the wrong way to identify pet eggs?

Take a snapshot and ask a friend to.

How do you heal someone in duel mode?

It is impossible to do that.

How do you activate a talisman's skills?

A: By merging the talisman

Which do you need a talisman equipped for?

Combat skill

Which is necessary for one to use class skills?


To enter Warlord Arena, you have to reach:

A: 21

How do you broadcast a message on all servers?

By using a Big Trumpet

To enter Dragon Prince Instance, you need to be:

Above level 45

What is found in Upper Imperial Tomb?

Quelling Bell

Is it safe to meet red-name players?

Don't attack the player and you will be safe

When can't you gather things while on-hook?

Using tools to gather items from a mine

A HP Potion can be used to:

Restore HP

How do you learn a life skill?

Talk to a Life Skill Master

Which in-game protection state doesn't exist?

Half Proctected (Below Lv50)

What should you do when you fail a quest?

Abandon the failed one then re-accept it

What's the shortcut key for the Token Shop?


What level to enter Insect Valley?

Level 20

Which gourd is the last one?