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Chief Lo


Chief Lo



Eighth quest of the Mainline Quests.


Chief Lo: Welcome to Mulberry Village! I am Chief Lo. As you may have heard, Mrs. Huang and Mrs. Lee's husband have fallen ill. The village depends on them to keep the boars away from the village. With those fellows out on a sick day, could you help us drive them away? I once killed one hundred boars. I am Chief Lo, Boar Hunter.

  • Objective: Kill any boar around the village. One you have killed 5 of them, report to Chief Lo.


Chief Lo: Did you really drive all the board you? Good for you! There couldn't have been too many left after I, Chief Lo, single-handedly cut down their numbers! Here, take this weapon.


  • Item: Weapon with bonus depending on the class.
  • Experience: 2000 points (6600 points up to now in Mainline Quests )
  • Coins: 30 copper (3 silver 40 copper up to now in Mainline Quests)

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