This instance is the very first available. It is designed for players of level 10 to 15.

Speaking to Captor DJ at Fishing Village will allow a party of players to enter the Serene Conquest dungeon. As the first of the dungeon instances in Zentia, Serene Conquest is very straightforward and can be completed by a single player on the lower difficulty levels. Speaking to the Pioneer Crab will provide you with some quests to defeat monsters and bosses in the instance, which provide you with a nice bonus of EXP.

Difficulty LevelsEdit

If the leader of the party speaks to the Pioneer Crab they can choose the difficulty of the dungeon: easy, normal, or difficult. The difficulty of the dungeon effects the dungeon in the following ways:

  • Easy
Sean Crab will appear in the dungeon, but will not drop high-class loot. Lord Black Crab will not appear
  • Normal
Calamus may spawn in the dungeon. It can be gathered by Collectors of level 1 or higher.
Sean Crab will now drop high-class loot, but Lord Black Crab will still not appear
  • Difficult
Calamus may spawn in the dungeon. It can be gathered by Collectors of level 1 or higher.
Level 20 elite crab mobs and level 19 pirahna mobs will appear in the dungeon in addition to those found in easy and normal modes
All bosses will appear in difficult mode and drop their high-class loot
Five chests with random loot will appear in the cave behind Lord Black Crab


  • Ward Crab
Ward Crab is the first miniboss of Serene Conquest, and is a very simple fight. His only skill, a knockdown, can be blocked (look out for him using both his arms to hit you to avoid this knockdown). He can drop teal level gear for level 15-20, and low level skill scrolls.
  • Sean Crab
Sean Crab is the second miniboss of Serene Conquest. The fight is identical to Ward Crab, except Sean Crab hits harder and has more HP. On normal difficulty and higher, Sean Crab will drop a low-level skill scroll and may drop one of the following high-class loot:
Glassy Stripe Belt
Shallow Stripe Belt
Silk Belt
Green Thread Belt
  • Lord Black Crab
Lord Black Crab is the final boss of Serene Conquest. He is surrounded by mobs, but they can be pulled individually without aggroing the boss, which is recommended if you are solo. The fight is identical to the previous two, except once again he hits harder and has more HP. In addition, he has high knockdown and stun resistance. Lord Black Crab will drop a low level skill scroll, and has a chance of dropping up to two items from the following list and/or Sean Crab's list above:
Glassy Stripe Pants
Shallow Stripe Pants
Silk Pants
Green Thread Pants
Dubhe Keen Sword
Merak Wrought Brass Hammer
Aliath Cam Wooden Sword
Phecda Ancient Wooden Staff