Mmmk so this is an article about the Stormlord skills, which i will be telling you each and everyone and what it does exactly

1. Lightning Strike-Hurls a charged electrical bolt at the target

2. Calling the Lightning- Your mirror summons a thunder god, who calls down lightning on the target knocking them down

3. Raging Lightning- A string of lightning strikes your target and forms a line of devastation in front of you

4. Lightning Bolt- a bolt of lightning that strikes a line of enemies in front of you and leaves them stunned

5. Blasting Lightning- Lightning surrounds your body shocking any nearby targets and knocking them down

6. Power Surge- A burst of power that reduces the cost of your teammates skills for a while (10mins, 10%)

7. Storm shield- creates a shield that temporarily increases defense (30 seconds, 100 defense, can cast on other teammates such as someone who is tanking a boss)

8. Stunning Bolt- Casts a powerful lightning bolt attack that attacks all targets in front of you and stuns them for a while (around 10 seconds maybe)

9. Thunderball- A sphere of electricity surrounds you ad your enemies engulfing them and causing damage

10 Static Cling- casts several lightning bolts that slows and constantly damages target (can hit multiple targets)

11 Static field- casts a static field that attacks nearby targets and slows them

12. Gathering Lightning Cloud- summons a lightning cloud that continuously attacks target area

13. Lightning Shield- Creates a lightning field that increases damage briefly

14. Phantom Thunder- Enter phantom and become immune to incoming damage (cannot move or attack, and can be dispelled)

15. Stunning Thunder- Cast stunning thunder to attack multiple targets from above (stuns for 3 seconds)

16. Spiritual Thunder- Increase max spirit for a while

Hope this guide helped somewhat ^^, btw power surge stays 1 and so does the other skills from static cling down i believe ^^