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Dark Revenant Talisman-bell Bell
Stormlord Talisman-mirror Mirror
Master Summoner Talisman-tube Divination Tube
Raksha Warrior Talisman-scroll Scroll
Vajira Guardian Talisman-stele Stele
Blade Warden Talisman-blades Blade
Fire Mage Talisman-gourd Gourd
Divine Enchanter Talisman-banner Banner

how to maximize the talisman:

  • Unlock attribute using scarlet stones
  • Use skills to rank up proficiency, till you hit maximum
  • Raise attribute limit using altitude jade

The talisman has seven attributes, when you have unlocked all of them, and maximized them too, you can destroy it using an azure jade.

Doing so will let you keep the ability gained. Just be sure to have another talisman on hand (you can gain a new one every ten levels)

You cannot do this with the starter talismans.

If you use the Preservation Charm from the cash shop you can get the ability without destroying your talisman.

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Where Can I Get a Talisman?

Rank 1

Level 10 – When you reach level 15, talk to Captor DJ in Serene City.

Level 20 – At level 27, you can start a class specific quest for your talisman starting at Trinity Magic Taoist in Pond City. The last step in this series of quests is to kill Blaze Ox. You will need a team for this.

Level 30 – You can get a talisman by defeating the final boss, Tortoise King in the Water Palace instance. You will need a good team for this. You can also get a level 30 talisman by gaining Rank 9 in the Imperial or Immortal Guild. Click here for more information.

Rank 2

Level 40 – You can pass the Storm Test for a level 40 talisman (need 10 people for this instance). Or you can buy one at Devil Tower in Capital City for 10 Devil Marks + 10g. You can get devil marks from 10 Position Illusions or from each boss in Devil Tower.

Level 50 – The final boss Frank Chu in Upper Imperial Tomb (Capital City) will drop a talisman. He also drops one in the M+A instance.

Level 60 – Gain Rank 8 in your respective guild. Click here for more information.

Rank 3

Level 60 – Can get from Grandpa Crane after completing the Thunder Test and gather 100 Dark Golden Essence

Level 70 – When you reach level 68, you can find Saul Kwei, he will give you a camp quest according to your class. After completing a series of quests, the last step will be to purchase 1 flame jade for 100g. Then you can get your talisman from the storehouse keeper or treasure pavilion safeguard.

Information taken from the in-game Guide Book