That's the Reason
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Vital statistics
Start Taoist Koo
End Huang's Wife
Prerequisites Mulberry's Jackals
Level 2
Location Mulberry Village
Rewards Exp, Money
Previous Next
Mulberry's Jackals Ask for Recipe (1)

Second quest of the Mainline Quests. Talk to Taoist Koo in the middle of Mulberry Village.


Taoist Koo: Do not pester me for details about hte Heavenly Test. You'll get more information later. For now, there is a more urgent matter that needs our attention. It seems that Scott Huang's unconscious body was discovered at the village entrance. The villagers found him there the day after he had left for Serene City Center. The alarming thing is that the same thing happened to Chauncer Lee. I want you to go talk to Scott Huang's wife to learn more about what happened.

Talk to Huang's Wife to learn more about Scott Huang's condition.

  • Objective: Talk to Huang's Wife.


Huang's Wife: Taoist Koo asked you to come here? I am surprised he's actually concerned with the way he acts like we're beneath him. Hmph!